Edge Measurement (EM) MeasureOD® is the Software solution for measuring the actual (effective) tool diameter and runout of machine tools such as drill bits, end mills, reamers, and cutting tools. This Software tool was written to take advantage of the Keyence P/N LS-9501 Controller paired with a Keyence P/N LS-9XXX Optical Micrometer.

To learn more about the EM MeasureOD® Software System please watch our Youtube video.

EM MeasureOD® Software Interface

EM MeasureOD® Software Interface

The EM MeasureOD® Software offers the following features:

  • Directly connects and programs the Keyence LS-9501 controller for the required measurement function. Assuming two (2) revolutions per part inspection the Software analyzes over 160,000 measurement points at an angular increment of 0.01 degrees
  • Ability to measure and analyze machine tools with odd and/or even number of flute edges
  • Graphical display of the measurements made by the Keyence measurement device in the Software. The Software clearly identifies the flute teeth/peaks to the Operator
  • The Software has the ability to compute and remove the fixture runout from the measured tool runout for even number of flute machine tools
  • The Operator may print a summary of the results to any Dymo Label printer that is directly attached to the Host Computer (Recommended Label Size 1 inch x 2 1/8 inch)

The Software simplifies the inspection process of machine tools and offers a fast, repeatable process that will meet your Gage Reliability and Repeatability study of the inspection process.